These are packages designed for home users requiring internet connections for email, web browsing and social media (for example - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc). The higher packages can be used by a small business user where their data usage is not to heavy.

All our packages come with a Monthly Gigabyte (GB) Allowance for the total amount of data sent and received during the billing month. If you exceed the Monthly Allowance before the monthly reset date then your connection will be throttled (data upload and download speed reduced). For all packages up to and including Consumer 8, the data speed will be throttled down to 32kbps/32kbps and for all packages above Consumer 8, the data speed will be throttled down to 64kbps/64kbps.

To avoid your data speed being throttled we offer GB Boosters which can be applied until the monthly reset date, or alternatively, if you find you are frequently running out of data allowance, you can upgrade to the next package up.

Once we receive our enquiry we will contact you to confirm the suitability of the package and hardware and to arrange for an installation date for one our certified Engineers.