Sileensat can provide Dedicated links to Enterprise Clients who need a guaranteed speed and totally unlimited data download connection for the internet.

This service is achieved by dedicating a section of the beam from Avanti Hylas 2 satellite solely for one business or client to use.  This dedicated bandwidth can be setup to suit your needs and the types of traffic to be sent over the network.

All dedicated links are run over our iDirect Network using two models of modem, the X1 and X5. We are currently looking into providing the new X7 and more information on this modem will be available soon.

As we stated above, this dedicated link is solely for one client! On our dedicated system you can have as many modems connected to your bandwidth as you need, so internally the bandwidth can be shared across these sites and controlled centrally by SILEENSAT.

To make an enquiry either, telephone us directly or, enter the total speed you require and select a hardware option below to submit an enquiry at which point we will contact you to discuss your requirements further.