A reliable internet connection is the backbone of any business system. You need to ensure you have a broadband service that is not just dependable and trustworthy, but that helps you get the most out of your internet use. Our Business packages below are fast, reliable and value for money.

The Business packages benefit from a generous Monthly Gigabyte (GB) Allowance and, when coupled with the HN9460 Modem which offers better traffic handling on the shared network, you will receive a quality data connection at an affordable price.

If you exceed your package we offer GB Boosters which can be applied until the monthly reset date, or alternatively, if you find you are frequently running out of data allowance, you can upgrade to the next package up. If you decide not to purchase any boosters then your connection speed will be throttled (data upload and download speed reduced) down to 64kbps/64kbps until the reset date.

The Business Users packages work using a Hughes HN9260 or HN9460 Modem and either the Fixed 98cm or 1.2m dish or our Mobile and portable antenna options.

Sileensat also provides Dedicated “truly unlimited” Data  Satellite Broadband connections for more information please refer to our ENTERPRISE Users section for more information.

Just make your selections below and send us your enquiry.