Hardware & Installation

There are different hardware options for all our Satellite Broadband Packages depending on where the installation site is on the FootPrint below and also if you choose Home, Business or Enterprise Solutions.

Within the Blue & Red Lines we would look to install a 98cm dish with either a 1W or 2W outdoor Unit. Anything outside these rings upto and including the Green outer ring we would recommend a 1.2m dish again with either a 1w or 2W outdoor unit

We supply Hughes HN series modems in our hardware packages. We recommend H &SB users generally would need the HN9260 Modem but for small business with multiple connections we would recommend the HN9460 Modem. Enterprise clients would generally use the HN9460 modem.

For dedicated links we would use iDirect equipment which uses a 98cm or 1.2m dish with 3W Outdoor Unit.

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